D&I Friday Read No. 159

Paypal has just released their latest diversity report. While they managed to improve the number of women on the senior management level, they had no to minimal improvements in regard to minority numbers and even a slight decrease in the number of women overall.

The 2017 Women in the Workplace report, a study by LeanIn.Org and McKinsey, was released this week. The findings show that there is slow to no progress in regard to career-advancement and equality for women, and for women of colour it is even worse. The report also shows that almost half the men surveyed think that it is sufficient if one out of ten senior leaders is female and 15% of men think that gender diversity programs will have a negative impact on their own career. Read more here.

The skin care brand Dove was accused of racism this week after they had posted an image on Facebook, showing a black woman removing her t-shirt to reveal a white woman underneath. This caused a lot of outrage on social media and while the original advert for a body wash showed various races, it was not visible in the Facebook post. Dove has apologized in the meantime and pulled the ad from their platforms.

State Street, the company that installed the Fearless Girl statue on Wall Street, was in the news this week for discriminating against their senior female employees as well as black vice presidents. The company has now agreed to pay USD 5 Million to over 300 female employees who were paid less than their male peers.





D&I Friday Read No. 158

With immediate effect, the world’s largest photo agency, Getty Images, has banned the submission of any photoshopped images where the body shapes of the models have been altered. Read more here.

Gender Equality
According to an internal review at the broadcaster BBC, men are paid on average 9.3% more than women in similar roles, simply because of their gender. BBC revealed their figures ahead of the deadline in April 2018, where all UK companies with more than 250 employees have to declare their gender pay gaps.

Cam Newton, a NFL quarterback, just lost his Dannon sponsorship after making a sexist remark at a press conference. When a female journalist asked a question, he responded that it was “funny to hear a female talk” about football.

Women’s Empowerment
I thought this was a very good NY Times read on women’s empowerment by columnist Rafia Zakaria. Empowering women in development countries is not simply an economic issue that can be resolved with some donations.


D&I Friday Read No. 157

Dell just announced that they have hired Brian Reaves as their first chief diversity and inclusion officer. Brian is moving from SAP where he was the VP for Diversity and Inclusion.
Dell has been struggling to improve their gender and minority numbers over the past years and their subsidiary EMC was recently sued for discrimination against a transgender employee.

After featuring a model in a hijab and a male model, the American cosmetics brand CoverGirl continues with their commitment to diversity. Maye Musk (Elon Musks mother) is 69 years old and just became the oldest CoverGirl ever. Read more here.

Women’s Empowerment
On Tuesday Saudi Arabia announced that effective from June 2018 women will be allowed to obtain driver’s licenses and drive cars. At the moment women have to rely on family or paid male drivers if they want to be mobile. The Kingdom hopes that this will get more women into the workforce and improves Saudi Arabia’s global reputation.

Girls’ Empowerment
Very inspiring: American-Nigerian filmmaker Zuriel Oduwole made it on the Forbes list of 100 Most Influential African Women – and she is only 15 years old! Zuriel is advocating for girls education in Africa and has already discussed this matter with 24 presidents and prime ministers.

D&I Friday Read No. 156

PwC UK just revealed that their black, Asian and minority ethnic staff earn almost 13% less than other employees. The company decided to make those numbers public in order to kick off a discussion and to show that diversity is more than just gender.

Last week the news organisation ProPublica reported that Facebook allowed advertisers to target users interested in anti-Semitic topics. Facebook has now confirmed that they have updated their policies and added additional controls. Last year ProPublica discovered that Facebook allowed certain ethnic groups to be excluded when advertising for housing.

According to a survey at EY among 1600 of their interns around the world, only 2% said that D&I is a key factor for them when choosing an employer. One of the reasons for this might be that they don’t see the need for this due to their own skin colour (2/3rds were white) or due to their youth. Read more here.

This video has already been viewed over 1.6 million times: 14 year old Ella Fields was assigned to produce a short film at her middle school and decided to make it about gender stereotypes, showing how it would look like if they were reversed.

D&I Friday Read No. 155

The American food company Kraft Heinz just appointed David Knopf as their new CFO. David is a Princeton graduate – and only 29 years old, which makes him one of the youngest CFOs in the US. Read more here.

When scholars announced last week that DNA tests proved that there were female Viking warriors, there was a lot of excitement among archaeologists. The findings are controversial though and other experts said it might simply be a confirmation bias.

Women Empowerment
Small changes can sometimes make a big difference: In a lot of families in India, women only eat after men and children have been fed, and especially in poorer family that does not only have an impact on the role of the woman, but is also linked to malnutrition. A pilot project campaigning to have the entire family eating at the same time concluded recently and the outcome is heartening.

Raising transgender children can be very challenging, especially for families living in more conservative communities. HuffPost interviewed two families with transgender children, showing the struggle they go through, but also how accepting people can be (and I loved Jamie’s story about the very conservative fellow churchgoer).