D&I Friday Read No. 10

How to succeed as a woman in engineering – Ted Talk about changing the stereotypes on how female engineers look like.

Diversity moving forward in tech – Kara Swisher, Re/code executive editor, share her opinions on Apple CEO Tim Cook coming out publicly.

The 10 Best Countries For Women’s Equality. Read more here.

And something funny at the end: Big Bang TheorySheldon’s speech to inspire girls to take up science.



D&I Friday Read No. 9

Last week Microsofts CEO said that women shouldn’t ask for raises (“good karma”…) – in case you hadn’t seen the speech here is the link.

Under Armour “I will what I want” campaign (a soloist from the American Ballet Theatre reads out a rejection letter she got as a 13 year old from a ballet academy)

Why A Feminist Professor Is Teaching An Entire Class About Beyoncé.

And something funny for those of you who like The Office – Diversity Training with Pam and Dwight


D&I Friday Read No. 8

You have probably seen it across the newsApple and Facebook offer to pay women to freeze their eggs… great or offensive?

Go Daddy CEO: Why women are so turned off by the tech industry – Education in math and science could be the root of the problem, but the tech industry’s macho culture must also change. Read more here.

How Shumi from Bangladesh started the girl effect in her village.

D&I Friday Read No. 7

Pregnancy a ‘problem’ when hiring women, claims top female boss (who is mother of 6 children herself…). Read more here.

Women Helping Women – Forbes Article

Fortune: The Most Powerful Women in Business 2014

Pro Infirmis is disability organization that are doing great campaigns – here they used disabled people to model for mannequins and put them up in shops at Bahnhofstrasse in Zurich (one of the worlds most exclusive and expensive shopping avenues).