D&I Friday Read No. 105

By 2020, millennials will form around 50% of the workforce. In order to better understand how millennials are thinking and working, IBM created the Millennial Corps. This project started with a few employees two years ago and is now a global team of over 5000 employees who are proactively contributing to IBM projects.

Inclusion & Tech
children often struggle to connect with people. A French company has now developed a robot specifically designed for autistic children that does not only support developing their motor skills, but also helps them to communicate with their parents and caregivers. Read more here.

Last weekend South African Caster Semenya won a Gold medal in the women’s 800 meters. Caster suffers from hyperandrogenism, a condition where women have elevated levels of testosterone, and people were complaining afterwards that her medal was unfairly gained. This very interesting Guardian article has a closer look at the accusations and the controversy around them.

Gender Parity
Honouring Women’s Equality Day, Make It Work, an American initiative campaigning for equal pay, publishedMy Unfairly Paid Lady”, a parody on the song “A Hymn to Him” (Why can’t a woman be more like a man…) from the musical “My Fair Lady”.


D&I Friday Read No. 104

Two years ago, Facebook decided to introduce a new incentive system to their recruiters in order to drive the recruitment of females and minorities. Although this system has a direct impact on a recruiters performance and bonus, Facebook’s diversity numbers have only changed marginally since then. Read more here.

received a lot of negative feedback from their employees in the past years, complaining about their working conditions and the culture. In order to become more attractive for tech talent and to foster diversity, Amazon has now decided to offer a much more flexible work place and has created teams that consist entirely of part-time workers, who do get full benefits.

Last week I shared a few of the very sexist comments that were made during this year’s Olympics. On Monday, Andy Murray was congratulated by a BBC presenter being the first person to ever win two gold medals – completely ignoring that Venus and Serena Williams have 4 each. Andy Murray immediately corrected him – and received a lot of praise on social media.

Girls in STEM
My new favorite YouTube ChannelPhysics Girl. The creator of this channel is Dianna Cowern, an MIT graduate and former GE intern, who simply loves physics and shows various experiments on her channel, making science fun for everyone.