D&I Friday Read No. 126

Gender Equality
Very interesting Harvard Business Review article about two different studies looking at flexible time in the workplace. While flex time is very popular, it does not only seem to punish women who request it, it also has an impact on salaries.

Last Sunday a blog post from a former Uber employee went viral. Susan Fowler worked for Uber until December 2016 and describes in her post how badly she was treated while working for them. Sexism seems to be a big issue, and unfortunately even when reported to HR and senior management, it was not addressed properly. Read more here.

Gender Equality
James Green, a GOP official, resigned from his position getting a lot of backlash for a letter to the editor that was published last week: Green voiced his opinion about bill that was supposed to support equal pay – and explained that for economical reasons, women should actually be paid less. Read more here.

If we can be equals here, we can be equals everywhere”. The new “Equality” campaign from Nike features stars like Serena Williams and LeBron James and asks not to discriminate but to transfer the values we adhere to in sports into our everyday lives.



D&I Friday Read No. 125

Inclusion & Tech
Virtual and Augmented Reality devices and applications have already changed the way we can play games or shop. But it can also change lives for people with vision impairments – and help them live with much less assistance, or like the woman in this article, actually see her children for the first time.

GE released a white paper last week, sharing a detailed analysis of the gender gap in engineering. In order to help overcoming this gap, they have committed to hiring 20 000 women in STEM roles by 2020 and will have a 50% representation of women in their technical graduate programs. Read more here.

You might remember the Love has no Labels” campaign that was filmed on Valentine’s Day 2015 (and won an Emmy). The same team released a new video for Valentine’s Day 2017 – “Fans of Love” was filmed at a NFL Pro Bowl and features the popular kiss cam. Again, a wonderful campaign and definitely worth watching!

The WEF shared a video this week featuring a care home in Seattle, that is not only a home for old people, but also hosts a kindergarten with 125 children 5 days a week. Having the two generations interact comes with huge benefits for both the children as well as the elderly and I wish there would be more facilities like this.

D&I Friday Read No. 124

The US labor department is suing Oracle, stating that they are paying white male workers more than their female / non-white counterparts. The suit also alleges that they are favouring Asian candidates for certain technical roles. The department started the investigations two years ago and filed the suit mid-January. Read more here.

Diversity & Inclusion
PWC has just launched an online tool where companies around the world can measure the maturity of their D&I program.

Diversity & Inclusion
Last week I shared the Audi Super Bowl commercial – unfortunately for Audi, it received more dislikes than likes on social media with people commenting that Audi is actually not a good role model in regards to gender equality.
Audi was not the only corporate who decided to show a D&I themed commercial at the Super Bowl, other companies like Coca-Cola, Airbnb and Alphabet (Google) decided to embrace this topic as well (most likely as a reaction to the current political situation). Read more here.

Girls Empowerment
The children’s TV network Nickelodeon just launched a new cartoon program, “Nella the Princess Knight”. Nella is not only a female knight who likes dresses and her sword, she is also bi-racial. Research has shown that having role models at an early age is crucial for children’s development and this cartoon will hopefully inspire lots of girls and boys.

D&I Friday Read No. 123

Twitter just released their first Diversity report since hiring ex-Apple Jeffrey Siminoff as their Head of D&I in Dec 2015. Since 2015, Twitter managed to increase the number of blacks from 2% to 3% and females (overall) from 34% up to 37%. In addition to sharing gender and race, Twitter is now also capturing the sexual orientation of their new hires (on a voluntary basis of course).

Researchers from three US universities just published a study in the magazine “Science” after they had tested 400 children between the ages 5 to 7 to understand at what age children start being influenced by gender stereotypes. The researchers found that while girls at the age of 5 still consider themselves as brilliant as the boys, from the age 6 onwards girls are much less likely to associate brilliance with their own gender. Read more here.

This beautiful Danish TV station ad “All that we share” shows that putting people into boxes does not work and that we all have more in common than we think – definitely worth watching!

Gender Equality
The Super Bowl is coming up on Sunday, and as you most likely know, the commercials are always getting a lot of attention. This powerful advert “Daughter” from the German car manufacturer Audi will be aired during the third quarter and addresses gender equality and the wage gap. Also definitely worth watching!