D&I Friday Read No. 131

Gender – Empowerment
I am sure you remember the story about the “fearless girl”, the statue that was erected on IWD facing the bull on Wall Street. A lot of you had commented that they hoped the statue would stay longer than April – and on Sunday NYs major announced that the statue will stay put until February 2018.


Uber just released their highly anticipated first diversity report. 36% of their employees are female – which is in line with other tech companies, and 15% in tech jobs, which is behind their peers. In regards to minorities, 80.7% of their US employees are of white and Asian descent (in technical roles its 94%). Read more here.

A very interesting article from Sally Blount, the Dean of the Kellogg School of Management. While women make up for almost 60% of all college graduates in the US, we still struggle to reach gender equality in business, especially on senior level. Blount takes a closer look at the reasons for this disparity and identifies three pivot points in a woman’s life.

Last year the highly controversial “bathroom bill” was signed in North Carolina, stating that transgender people can only use public restrooms in line with the gender stated on their birth certificate (versus the gender they identify with). This bill is now being repealed, one reason is the massive economical damage (it was estimated that this bill would cost the state over 3.7 Billion USD in the next 12 years).  Read more here.


D&I Friday Read No. 130

A very interesting interview with Tony Prophet, Salesforce’s equality chief. Tony is ex Microsoft and HP and has been in his new role for 6 months now, driving not only gender diversity and minorities at Salesforce but also focuses on LGBTQ equality.

Inclusion & Tech
A new wearable is coming to the market this month – the Dot, a smartwatch created for the blind. Instead of reading out messages like common smartwatches for the blind do, this watch will actually display braille characters. Read more here.

Coca-Cola’s new Coke advert has gone viral: it features the typical topless man, but this time with a twist – two teenagers are fighting over him and one of them is a guy.
Coca-Cola has been vocal about their support of the LGBTQ community for years, releasing various campaigns and statements.

Sesame Street, the well-known kids TV show, is about to introduce a new character: Julia, a 4 year old girl with autism. Her character was added to explain autism in a very child-friendly way, supporting the inclusion of autistic children. Read more here.



D&I Friday Read No. 129

Intel just published their 2016 diversity report and they managed to make good progress in most areas, especially in regards to gender with a high percentage of female external hires, raising their overall gender balance and pay and promotion equality.

A very interesting Harvard Business Review article. According to a study, black employees were more likely to be promoted if they were hired via a referral. They also found that women on the other side did not benefit from being referred.

Unconscious Bias
By now I am sure you have all seen the BBC interview where the children are walking into the room. The clip quickly went viral – and a lot of people commented on social media that they are worried that the nanny will lose her job. But it turned out that the woman is actually his wife – this article has a look at the bias behind that assumption.

Another powerful Nike clip! Supporting girls empowerment, Nike created this advert for the Russian market and reinterpreted a popular children’s song “What girls are made of”. Definitely worth watching!


D&I Friday Read No. 128 – IWD Special

Gender – Empowerment
For their Connect program aiming to provide 50 million women in developing countries with connectivity, Vodafone launched a new video during International Women’s week. They have also just launched a worldwide recruitment project called ReConnect, where they are planning to recruit women who are currently on a career break.


Gender – Sexism
According to Janusz Korwin-Mikke, a Polish politician and member of the European Parliament, “women must earn less than men, because they are weaker, they are smaller, they are less intelligent”. He made this remark during a gender pay gap discussion last week and is now being investigated. Read more here.

Gender – Empowerment
State Street Global, one of the world’s largest asset manager, just placed a statue of a “Fearless Girl” facing the famous New Yorker Wall Street bull. The company is aiming to raise awareness for gender diversity on boards and in leadership roles. Read more here.

Gender – Equality
On Wednesday, Iceland announced that they are working on a law that will require companies to prove that they pay everyone equally. This will apply to every company with more than 25 employees and will make Iceland the first country in the world with such a law.

Gender – Empowerment
Honoring International Women’s Day, Adidas and the Swedish national soccer team replaced the names of the players on the back of their shirts with inspirational quotes from Swedish women. The shirts are worm by the team, but also went on sale on Wednesday, part of proceeds will go towards a program for young female athletes. Read more here.

Gender – Girls
Very few children’s books actually feature female heroes, and even then they usually have a male helper (or a mouse). Two Italian women wanted to change this and wrote “Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls”, which became the most funded book in crowdsourcing history and features 100 inspiring women.


D&I Friday Read No. 127

It was the Oscars again last weekend – and while in the past the lack of diversity was very concerning (you might remember the hashtag #OscarsSoWhite) this year they actually managed to improve the diversity: 7 out of 20 nominated actors where non-white (last year all of them were white), a film about a gay black man won best picture and the first Muslim won the best supporting actor award. Read more here.

Gender Equality
Another very interesting Harvard Business Review article – according to a study of more than 10 000 senior executives, women were more than 1.5 times less likely than men to apply for an executive role if they had been rejected before. When trying to build executive teams with more women, this is certainly something that has to be kept in mind.

A very interesting article about how Kenya became a safe haven for LGBT refugees. Homosexuality is criminalized in many African countries, in Uganda for example they face imprisonment for life, or even the death penalty. Kenya is one of the few East African countries that takes LGBT refugees and have saved many lives in the past years.

This commercial from the Canadian retail company Canadian Tire was part of the “We all play for Canada” campaign and shows how a community can reach out to their disabled neighbors. Very sweet video!