D&I Friday Read No. 135

Being ManKind is a very interesting project that is currently looking for funding on Kickstarter: there are quite a few books out there that look at gender and offer role models for girls, but not so much for boys actually. Being ManKind is a collection of empowering stories of men, challenging the traditional views of masculinity.

Earlier this year the Russian Airline Aeroflot was sued for discriminating flight attendants for being overweight. The airline won the cases – but has now admitted that there is a policy in place and that employees are facing salary cuts if they don’t meet the requirements. Read more here.

Girls in STEM
The 27th of April is International Girls in ICT day and the goal is not only to motivate more girls to consider a career in ICT – it starts with the basics, as there is still a huge gender gap in internet access or owning a mobile phone.
This short video from Plan International shows what a difference it makes for a girl to be connected. Read more here.

And this was the video #digitalgirls:

Heineken just launched a (I think absolutely brilliant) new advert where they filmed people with opposite beliefs (e.g. regarding gender, sexual orientation) meeting each other. It reminds me of our unconscious bias video – definitely worth watching!



D&I Friday Read No. 134

Girls in STEM
According to a new study from Microsoft, girls interest in STEM subjects drops dramatically at the age of 15. Interestingly, this is not the case in Russia, where we can see a much higher percentage of women in tech jobs. This BBC article looks at some of the potential reasons for this difference.

Inclusion – Neurodiversity
A very interesting HBR article about the benefits of Neurodiversity. Neurodiversity includes people who have neurological differences, e.g. ADHD or autism and companies like SAP or HPE proactively recruit neurodiverse talent.

Having role models, e.g. in books, is extremely important for young people, but unfortunately people of colour often struggle with finding literature featuring non-white characters. Kaya Thomas, a young black female, has now created the app “We read too”, helping children and young adults to find reading material they can relate to. Read more here.

Gender – Women Empowerment
The Indonesian government is now offering coding courses to Indonesians who are working as domestic workers abroad, with the hope that they will return home to become developers. Indonesia is struggling with a shortage of coders and has started various programs to train more people in web development, for example stay at home mothers. Read more here.

D&I Friday Read No. 133

Gender – Equality
Google is currently being sued by the Department of Labour, saying that women face “systemic compensation disparities”. Google responded on Tuesday with detailed insights into their methodology for setting salaries, saying that the analysts who determine the salaries actually don’t know the employees genders.
Glassdoor, the popular employer review site, also looked into the allegations and using all data they have available they were not able to find a statistical pay gap at Google.

Both PepsiCo and Nivea (Beiersdorf) had to pull adverts the past days that were slammed racist. Nivea’s advert stated “white is purity” and quickly became very popular among white supremacy groups. Pepsi’s advert with Kendall Jenner had similarities to the Black Lives Matter movement marches, implying that you can solve anything with just a can of soda.

The British Vogue (the famous fashion magazine) just appointed Ghanaian-born Edward Enninful as their new Editor in chief. Edward is not only the first male Editor in chief for the British Vogue, he is also the first non-white male heading up a mainstream women’s fashion magazine. Read more here.

Gender – Women Empowerment
India announced two big changes this week to empower women. 1. Women don’t have to change their names in their passports any longer once they get married. 2. The new maternity bill – paid maternity leave is being extended from 12 to 26 weeks and companies with more than 50 employees have to provide crèches.


D&I Friday Read No. 132

Gender – Equality
April the 4th was Equal Pay Day in the US, symbolizing how far into 2017 women have to work in order to earn what men earned in 2016. Sheryl Sandberg and her organization Lean In released a new video, using some humor to show what it actually means when you get 20% less of everything.

Cognitive Diversity
A very interesting HBR article about the benefits of cognitive diversity. Cognitive diversity is much less visible than for example ethnic or gender diversity and even if we try to be more diverse, we are still very likely to hire or work with people who are like minded – but it is actually the cognitive diversity that allows us to perform better as teams.

After an incident in the Netherlands last week where a gay couple was attacked by teenagers for holding hands walking down a street, a social media movement was started: Men, who identify as straight, are posting pictures of them holding hands with other men to show their solidarity. Read more here.
The Netherlands is actually the first country in the world who legalized same sex marriage (back in 2001).

This is such a cute story – Sophia, a two year old white girl, chose a black doll in a store and when the cashier commented on the color of her skin and if she didn’t want a doll that looked more like her, Sophia had the perfect response.