D&I Friday Read No. 139

Apple has just named Denise Young Smith as their VP of Diversity and Inclusion, reporting directly into the CEO Tim Cook. Seeing that Jeffrey Siminoff (who was in charge of D&I before and left in 2015) only held a director role, this appointment shows their increased focus on this topic. Read more here.

Unconscious Bias / Race
Well done HP, I really like their new video! According to their “Let’s get in touch” campaign, HP says that “when qualified for a job, African-Americans are 3 times more likely to experience a denial” and they are promising to change this.
(And some more insights from Fairygodboss co-founder Georgene Huang here.)

The constitutional court in Taiwan has just ruled in favour of same-sex marriage. The parliament has been given two years to amend existing laws or get new laws in place, making Taiwan the first place in Asia legalizing same-sex marriage.

Gender – Femvertising
Kellogg’s has been using femvertising (advertising to empower women) for a while now and just released a new video for their Special K “Own it” campaign. The main message is that women eat (!) to do lots of amazing things – and that resulted in a lot of funny comments on social media.
Happy Friday and Ramadan Kareem to all my Muslim readers/colleagues!


D&I Friday Read No. 138

Three weeks ago I shared the Kickstarter initiative “Being ManKind”, seeking funding for books with positive male role models and Ericsson became one of the backers.
Interestingly, Axe (the body spray) also just launched a campaign challenging traditional male stereotypes, called “Is it OK for guys?”.

Dame Igna Beale is the chief executive of Lloyd’s of London – and is openly bisexual. The Economist just published this video where Beale is talking about the importance of diversity and how it can make companies become more successful.

Johanna Lucht did not have an easy start in life, being deaf and not having proper support meant that she only really learned to communicate when she was 9 years old. Fortunately, thanks to a NASA program, her talent for STEM was recognized and Johanna just made history as the first deaf engineer having an active control role during a NASA mission. Read more here.

This is powerful: O – the Oprah Magazine, published a photo essay in the May edition called “Let’s talk about race”. Chris Buck, who usually spends his time taking portraits of celebrities, showed with 3 pictures how racial stereotyping works.

D&I Friday Read No. 137

The 10th of May was the first annual 50/50 day where thousands of events in over 65 countries helped to raise awareness for a gender balanced world, screening the documentary Rethinking the Past, Present, and Future of Women + Power. The movie is 20 minutes long, but if you have some time the next days this is definitely worth it, I thought it was fun to watch and learned a lot!

A very interesting piece about Damien Hooper-Campbell. Damien joined eBay as their Chief Diversity Officer in July 2016 and spoke at the First Round CEO Summit Talk about Diversity and Inclusion and how we can humanize it.

“Amazing things happen” is a beautiful, award winning video explaining what Autism means. It was created for non-autistic children and parents, but is definitely worth watching for everyone who is interested in this topic or deals with Autistic people in the workplace.

The well known personal care brand Dove just released new bottles as part of their “Real Beauty” campaign. The limited edition bottles come in different shapes and sizes so people can celebrate diversity – but while their campaigns usually get great feedback from consumers, this one did not work out in their favour. Read more here.

D&I Friday Read No. 136

Unconscious Bias
Gail Tolstoi-Miller just did a fantastic TED Talk about unconscious bias in recruitment. Gail is a career coach with many years of experience in recruitment and shares her own experience with biases and how she unraveled them.

I am sure you remember the Heineken advert I shared last week. It received lots of praise globally and the feedback I received from you was all positive – but this week an article from DiDi Delgado, an US writer and activist, made its rounds on social media and various news platforms, calling the advert worse than the Pepsi ad. I disagree with her views – but it’s definitely an interesting discussion!

This story sounds like someone in Hollywood came up with it, but unfortunately it really happened: this is the three week odyssey of a gay couple from UK who was coaxed to Dubai, chased across several countries, had their passports torn up and ended up in jail because a dad disapproved of his daughter’s sexuality. Read more here.

BBC shared an adorable video this week: Anu, a 7 year old girl from Birmingham, showed off her new prosthetic blade to her friends at school and their reactions were too sweet!