D&I Friday Read No. 145

Similar to Deloitte in 2016, Microsoft just introduced paid family caregiver time off. This benefit will soon be available to employees worldwide and does not only improve employee satisfaction and work-life balance, but drives gender equity and can reduce workplace discrimination against women. Read more here.
And here is the statement from Kathleen Hogan, HR EVP at Microsoft.

If you were born between 1977 and 1983, you might relate to this: An Australian Professor of Sociology recently spoke about a new micro-generation, the Xennials. People born between Generation X and Millennials often don’t feel they belong to either of them, as they have experienced an analogue childhood and a digital adulthood/working life. Are you a Xennial? Take the quiz!
(And if you enjoyed the quiz, have a look at this one as well)

It’s a common stereotype that women talk more than men. But is that really true or is it a myth? This very interesting The Economist article looks at various studies and shows that there is actually no evidence.

This is a wonderful story: After having two children with Down syndrome, Amy Wright decided she wanted to raise more awareness for people with disabilities and opened Bitty and Beau’s Coffee, a coffee shop that offers employment to 40 people with a variety of disabilities.


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