D&I Friday Read No. 146

Salesforce just released a very interesting study on value driven leadership trends and the impact of equality. Companies that actively work on diversity and inclusion and drive equality do not only see higher employee engagement, it also has a significant impact on their customers loyalty.

Inclusion & Tech
Microsoft just launched “Seeing AI”, a free app that helps visually impaired people to “see” the world around them. The app uses artificial intelligence and can, among other features, recognize people it has met before and even read emotions.

Airbnb had issues with racial discrimination in the past – but this week for the first time a racist host was actually penalized for cancelling a reservation making a racist remark. The host was not only banned from the platform but has to pay damages and take a course in Asian American studies. Read more here.

In order to become more inclusive, the London Tube decided to change their “ladies and gentlemen” announcement to a greeting that is more gender-neutral.


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