D&I Friday Read No. 147

Very interesting: Deloitte is currently phasing out their employee resource groups they had established for women and LGBTQ – and will build inclusion councils instead. These councils will help to get everyone at the table to discuss, engage and support, including white men. Read more here.

Women in STEM
Blizzard Entertainment (Word of Warcraft) is one of the most popular employers in the video gaming industry, but even they have been struggling to hire more females. Last year they rolled out a new graduate program though and managed to double the number of female interns within a year with some simple but very efficient tactics

A study recently published by researchers at Harvard showed that venture capitalists are more likely to hire females if the other (senior) partners have daughters. The improved gender diversity then had a positive impact on the performance of the firm. This NYT article gives you a quick overview if you don’t have time to read the entire paper.

Although some newspapers called this “mansplaining”, it was definitely not – but the outcome is hilarious so I just had to share with you:  Kim Clijsters (4-time Grand Slam winner) received advice from a spectator while playing a doubles match at Wimbledon last week and challenged him to play against her right there.


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