D&I Friday Read No. 149

Facebook just released their latest Diversity Report: They managed to increase their females in the overall workforce as well as in technical and leadership roles and for the first time the number of white people has dropped below 50% (but black employees still only make 3% of their total employees). Read more here.

According to the “Women in Leadership” survey that was just released by the Rockefeller Foundation, one out of four Americans believe that it is more likely that people will time travel in their lifetime than reaching 50/50 gender parity in Fortune 500 companies. Read more here.

Unconscious Bias
Very good HBR article: the Center of Talent Innovation did a survey with college-educated professionals to understand what impact the perception of bias has on employees engagement. Not surprisingly, there was a high correlation. What was interesting though is that men were more likely to perceive bias than women.

If you like Pixar/animated movies, you have to watch this: Two computer animation students just released their senior thesis project, a short film called “In a Heartbeat”, telling the story of a boy and his boy crush. So sweet!


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