D&I Friday Read No. 3

What does “like a girl” mean? The brand Always asked teenager to act “like a girl”  – watch for yourself!

For this you will need a bit of time as the talk is 15 min – but its really inspirational!
It’s a TED talk by Debbie Sterling, an engineer who creates the toys Goldieblox for girls so they can start developing their skills at an early age.

And another great Pantene clip – why do women always apologize?

D&I Friday Read No. 2

Various diversity charts from companies like Microsoft, HP, Google, etc – US focused but very interesting!

Some external feedback on Ericsson’s press release regarding diversity and our targets.

Anne Bouverot, Director General GSM Association, talks about the gender gap in terms of access to mobile phones – eg in Africa the share of men who own a mobile phone clearly exceeds the share of women who own one.