D&I Friday Read No. 193

Women in STEM
Engineering has a retention problem: over 40% of women who had studied engineering either leave the field or never even work in their profession. There are various explanations for this, so researchers from the UK looked at the reasons that actually made women stay. The sample size was quite small, but the outcome is still very interesting! Read more here.

Do you want a raise? Just be a white man! According to a new report from the salary comparison company PayScale, men of colour were 25% less likely to receive a raise when asking for it and women of colour 19%. In the study with over 160000 respondents there was no difference between the racial groups or gender in who was asking, the only difference was the outcome.

Gender Roles
The skincare brand Dove Men+Care (Unilever) just released a new campaign #DearFutureDads, together with the report “Helping Dads Care”. According to the report they published together with the organization Promundo, the majority of men wants to be more involved after the birth of their children, but unfortunately there is very little workplace support.

The Australian broadcaster SBS just published this video as part of their “The real you matters”  campaign to promote the importance of inclusion in the workplace. Worth watching!



D&I Friday Read No. 192

Women and Tech
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is seen as the main driver for the 4th industrial revolution, but while there are already very few woman in tech jobs, in AI the number of female scientists is even lower. The program AI4All is trying to change this and is partnering with top universities like Stanford and Princeton to offer AI summer camps for high-schoolers (especially girls and children from underrepresented minorities or underprivileged families). This really sounds like a great initiative!
From June 24th women will officially be allowed to obtain drivers licenses in Saudi Arabia. On Monday, 10 women made history by being granted the first drivers licenses for women in Saudi Arabia. They were all holding licenses from foreign countries and went through an additional driving test before the local documents were issued.

On Tuesday Akbar al-Baker, CEO of Qatar Airways, made a sexist comment at a conference, stating that his job could not be done by a woman “because it is a very challenging position”. This obviously caused a lot of outcries and Mr al-Baker apologized in the meantime, saying that of course Qatar Airways believes in gender equality.

Racial Bias
Last week Starbucks closed their 8000 locations in the US to offer a 4 hour racial bias training workshop to all their employees. As part of the training they shared this video from the award winning documentary maker Stanley Nelson.

And just for fun: here is the video Trevor Noah and the Daily Show suggested Starbucks could use for their training.

D&I Friday Read No. 191

Gender Bias
Researchers from Harvard University / United States Naval Academy and War College looked at language and gender bias in over 80000 performance evaluations of students from the Naval Academy. The military is obviously a traditionally male environment, but there has been an increased effort to overcome this and provide equal opportunities. While there were no gender differences in objective measures (e.g. grades, fitness test), the researchers found that managers used significantly more negative attributes for women than they used for men.

Inclusion & Tech
Google is currently developing a new app called Lookout. The app will help blind and visually impaired people to become more independent by informing them about their environment, e.g. stairs in front of them, reading signs etc. There is no release date yet, but Google said it will come to the Play Store later this year.

“Racism is not a known side effect of any medication”. The pharma company Sanofi released this statement as a response to actor Roseanne Barr blaming a sleeping pill for her racist tweet. Earlier this week, the popular show “Roseanne” was cancelled with immediate effect by ABC after Roseanne sent a tweet that compared former Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett to an ape.

When a Swedish Symphony Orchestra from Helsingborg received homophobic hate mail after performing music from LGBTQ composers, they were unable to respond as it came from an anonymous sender – so they decided to turn it into music and wrote a cantata!


D&I Friday Read No. 190

A new report from PWC is having a close look at age diversity on corporate boards. 90% of the S&P 500 directors say that age diversity is important, rating it even more important than gender or race – but in the S&P 500 boardrooms the average age is 63 years and there are actually more directors 75 years or older, than 50 or younger.

Starbucks just gave a preview for their racial bias training that will happen next week. Starbucks decided to offer racial bias training to all their employees across the US after an incident in April, where two men were arrested.

The New York Stock Exchange just announced their new president: Stacey Cunningham will be the 67th president of the exchange – and is the first female leader in 226 years. Stacey had started her career as a summer intern in 1994 and worked her way up.


The Mayor of London just launched an initiative to address the lack of women in leadership roles and bridge the gender pay gap. As part of the campaign, the video “Our Time” was released – worth watching!


D&I Friday Read No. 189

The Rooney Rule is a National Football League policy that requires at least one minority candidate to be interviewed for all senior coaching or operations jobs. Facebook implemented a similar policy a few years ago and this week, Amazon announced that they will adapt this when interviewing new board members. Their current board is all-white and 70% male.

Inclusion & Tech
Microsoft Xbox designers just created a new product – the Adaptive Controller, a game pad that can be used by gamers with limited control of their  fine motor functions, or even without hands. In the past there were very few products available for people with disabilities, so this will really help – not only gamers, but also in therapies

The stock photo company Getty Images found that only 2% of their pictures showed people with disability – while almost every 5th person in the world has a disability. Getty is now making a conscious effort to increase the number of available photos, took guidance from focus groups and gave their photographers new guidelines to follow.

Marvel is actively driving diverse representation on film (for example Black Panther) and they have just announced that they are working on a new film, starring Ms Marvel. Ms Marvel is a female superhero – and Muslim!